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Client Benefits


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Client Benefits

One of the main Client Benefits to your company is that I can SAVE YOU MONEY!

Are you a company, individual or consultant who:-

  • wants to reduce your administrative costs without reducing the quality of output to your clients?
  • is in a period of transition due to expansion where the amount of additional resourcing required cannot be easily defined or predicted, but the workflow is increasing as the result of the expansion?
  • naturally has peaks and troughs in your workflow and you are looking for a cost effective solution which can meet the fluctuating demand?
  • has a requirement for holiday and sickness cover and/or cover for maternity leave?
  • has reached that critical mass whereby you can no longer continue managing everything for yourself, but you don’t want to go to the expense or responsibility of taking on board an employee?

If you are any of the above, here is how I can save you money:-

  • Only pay for the time you use.
  • Not having to supply the space or the equipment.
  • No National Insurance, holiday pay, sick pay, pension to pay.
  • No down time to train new staff.
  • Have more time to focus on the day to day running of your business.
  • My services are cost effective (see Pricing/Fees).
  • Cheaper than going through a temping agency.

I work flexible hours to suit your needs.


Confidentiality is obviously paramount to you as an individual or a company.

I (AT Typing Solutions) will treat all my client’s data as confidential and regard the lawful and correct treatment of personal information.

It is important to me, and of course you, that client confidence is maintained at all times.

Confidentiality Agreement

If requested, I can provide a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement between myself and any client wishing one.  Even if an agreement is not signed I will keep all my clients’ data confidential. 

Conflicts of Interest

When working for any client if a conflict of interest arises I will telephone immediately and discuss with you what that conflict is and how it can be resolved.

Pricing/ fees

I have put a lot of thought into what I’m going to charge clients. Having looked at other similar companies I found that a lot of them charge different rates for audio, copy typing, document formatting etc. So I’ve decided to keep it simple!

Standard Rate £22.00 per hour

Many companies charge different rates for audio, copy typing, document formatting etc.  So I have decided to keep my Pricing/Fees simple!

I charge a flat rate of £22.00 per hour regardless of the task.  This means that the clearer the audio and the neater the hand writing, the quicker I will be able to complete your work.  I do not increase my hourly rate even if you want the work urgently or even in the middle of the night!

Invoices are payable within 14 days by BACS.