What I need from you

  • Your contact details (email address and phone number).
  • Clear instructions about what you want me to do for you!
  • All the documents I will need to work from emailed to me, including any logos you might want incorporated into the work.
  • Your deadline for the work.

What I do for you

It’s simple. I do exactly what you have asked me to do!  I follow your instructions.

Amending & Formatting Documents

Copy Typing Services

Transcription/ Audio Typing

Additional Services

Amending & formatting documents

There is nothing worse than having a document that has formatting errors in it, well I am sure there are things that are far worse, but to the trained eye, these errors jump out.  It looks bad!  There may be different fonts and sizes, some paragraphs are justified and other paragraphs are left justified, the document could also have inconsistent numbering levels and headings and are not indented correctly.

If you have a document that looks like this just email it to me and I will have it looking perfect.  Presentation is everything!

Formatting and amending documents can be a time consuming task.  Sometimes it means that some important day to day tasks are left for another time.  By offering my document services – amending and formatting to companies I will be able to help them manage their day to day business while I am carrying out the more time consuming tasks for them.

I will be able to help any individual or firm to carrying out the time consuming formatting and amending aspects of producing lengthy documents.

When formatting a document I will pay attention to the following:-

  • Page Layout – setting the margins, page breaks, page numbering, headers, footers and orientation
  • Text Formatting – making sure the same font and font size is used, heading styles and consecutive numbering
  • References – automatic cross referencing, so if a numbered paragraph/clause is taken out the automatic cross reference will update itself and refer to the correct paragraph/clause. Footnotes, comments and endnotes inserted, if needed. I will also insert an automatic contents page so you can just click on a heading in the contents page and it will take you to the relevant place in the document
  • Consistency – checking the document for casing, punctuation and spacing
  • Tables and Figures – making sure all the data in a table is displayed clearly and if necessary adjust the size to fit the document

When amending a document, whether hand written amendments or inserting in new paragraphs from different documents, I can mark all the changes by using track changes so you can see exactly where you have asked for changes to be made in the document.

If your company uses a “house style” just email me your house style template and I will format the document into your house style.

It doesn’t matter how large or small the document is, I have had many years of experience “tidying up” documents.  I will achieve the look you are after.

After I have completed the requested changes to your document I will email it back to you.  If you decide you still want more changes, just send it back.  It doesn’t matter how many times the document goes backwards and forwards.  Just as long as you get the result you are after.

If you would prefer I can upload the document to “One Drive” so you can retrieve it from there or I can email it.  The choice is yours.

I will NOT make any files public.  Every client that sends me any kind of document, whether posted, emailed or even a dictation can be assured that I will never disclose any of its contents to any third party.  I do have a Confidentiality Agreement that I am more than willing to sign when I am passed any work to do.

Copy typing services

I offer copy typing services.

I can type any kind of document, whether it is hand written or typed, or an old document that you do not have an electronic copy of.

I will, of course, follow the instructions you give me so that I send back to you a document that you can use and it is formatted in the correct way (as mentioned in “Amending and Formatting Documents”) and even in your company’s “house style”.

I can also proof read any existing document that you have, even if it has been produced from speech recognition software.  Again, I will “tidy” the document for you incorporating any formatting that needs to be carried out.

For any documents that I type or amend I will always follow the rules that are set out in “Amending and Formatting Document”.

Transcription/ audio typing

For my Transcription/Audio Typing Services I can transcribe from most audio file extensions including MP3, DSS, DS2, WAV, WMA, AMR, MOV, AIFF and many more as well as recordings on the internet.  All you have to do it provide the link.

Whether you just need a letter transcribed or you have dictated a whole document, the length of the dictation does not matter.  It could be that you want a meeting or an interview transcribed.  Whatever is recorded/dictated I will be able to type up for you.

For any documents that I type or amend I will always follow the rules that are set out in “Document Services – Amending and Formatting”.

If you are out of the office and need a letter/document typed urgently, just give me a call and can type it out as you dictate it and email the document to you straight away.

Unfortunately I can only transcribe from digital media.  So if you have an old fashioned cassette, I’m afraid I can’t help you.

Additional services

PowerPoint Presentations

As part of my Additional Services I can amend or add slides to existing PowerPoint Presentations using the same format that you have, or type up a presentation from hand written slides.  You just tell me what you want to presentation to look like and I will produce a presentation that you can use, whether you are just printing the slides out or actually giving a presentation where you might need some animation in it.  Tables and graphs can also be incorporated and animated as well.

Document Comparisons

As well as PowerPoint Presentations included in my Additional Services is a Document Comparisons service.  If you have two versions of the same document but can’t spot the changes, just email both documents to me and I can use comparison software to compare the two documents and highlight the differences.  I can then send you a new document highlighting the changes so it looks like the document has been track changed.  I just need to know which is the older document and which is the newer one!

Converting PDF documents to Word or vice versa

My Additional Services also includes converting PDF Document to Word or vice versa.  I can convert a PDF document into Word and then format the document so it is a usable version of the document.  When you do convert a PDF document to Word it doesn’t incorporate all the formatting, for example, at the end of every line there is a “hard” return instead of a space.  This can cause problems if you start adding any text to the document.  Any tables that are incorporated into the document will need to be formatted as well.

For any documents that I type or amend I will always follow the rules that are set out in “Amending and Formatting Document”.